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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational people crazy and misinformation is right dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint trying to mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. me on my allow humanitarian access to state and expects even more of the refugees
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to flee from violence. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me and the parana also ahead playing to safety dozens of dead and thousands affected as another major storm that is central america spain apologizes for a violent police crackdown on the session but the political deadlock continues and plans for a memorial for the victims of sunday's mass shooting in the u.s. city of las vegas. the u.n. is bracing for what it calls a further exodus of the hand of refugees from the elmont of bangladesh and up to one hundred thousand people waiting to cross the border half a million rwanda have already crossed since the end of workers to escape a military crackdown and rock on state myanmar says it's fighting separatist and
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denies accusation. as of ethnic cleansing well the u.n. is criticizing the difficulties getting humanitarian aid into rakhine state in september leader aung san suu kyi invited observers to visit saying her government doesn't fear international scrutiny but now mark canceled a planned un visit later that month citing bad weather in recent days a small group of local un delegates was allowed access and a high level team is expected to enter iraq and soon be on mars urging the rangar to return to their villages and is promising to provide food and security for the un's call in asia for emergency relief says the lack of access as an acceptable mark lowe cox says refugees a dying on the way to bangladesh this is not just the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world right now as of today it's also one of the most
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heart rending so i met. an eleven year old boy in the unicef therapeutic feeding center he was cradling in his arms his severely acutely malnourished two and a half year old sister his mother the boy and the boy's four siblings set off on a journey lasting i think nine days fleeing violence and the burning of their village the mother died on the journey this itll boy is now in sole charge of his four siblings lama jumper and israel a refugee camp and cox's bazaar on the bangladeshi side of the border but first let's go to our correspondent he out of the e-mail him she's in yang gone so what has the response been from the government there so the calls for more humanitarian access to iraq and state. well the response of authorities to calls for starts access has largely been to ignore such
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calls though this is not the first time that the united nations has asked for humanitarian access to be opened up to north america and state where the conflict is raging but meanwhile flourishes have told al jazeera that aid is being delivered to rohingya communities in the form of hygiene kits medicine and food aid through the international red cross and the mean maher red cross which are the only organizations operating there but just a couple of weeks ago. the delivery of aid by the international red cross and mean red cross was mobbed by a group of buddhist villagers so it's unclear exactly how fictive that aid delivery is now as you mentioned. diplomats did go on
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a tour of. state on monday media organizations and other independent observers also have been allowed to go in under very rare supervised government supervised trips but on monday the diplomats filmed villages still burning and entire areas emptied of there. in inhabitants so it's clearly an ongoing situation there there's a berth. for that for the hour thank you very much jabber bell him driving us live from a young gone let's go to our correspondent mohamad during the hour he's joining us from cox's bazar in buying the what is the situation there maha mothers you know thousands continue to pour in every single day. elizabeth i can tell you that conditions are pretty awful in the makeshift camps
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that we've been to the last several days and everybody we're speaking with the they aid workers be they recent arrivals refugees or refugees who have been here for more than a month now they all expect that the conditions are only going to worsen. and let me try to explain why the first matter is the fact that they are not getting enough aid you have the bangladesh army in many of these encampments that are trying to distribute as much as they can but they are not able to get the donations that they need you have the aid agencies that are sounding the alarm bells practically every major agency in the world that is has some sort of a presence here right now but they are not getting the kind of donations that they need from the international community to try to sustain the level of aid that these desperate people need right now we're talking medical supplies we're talking food water this is still monsoon season and we're not yet at the end of it it's going to
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last for another month or so when the rains come they make the already appalling conditions in these camps even worse and then when you have these muddy conditions when you have a camp that when water flows through it it effectively becomes an open sewer then you have the prospect epidemic starting the medical care workers that are here are very worried that there could be an outbreak of cholera starting any day now because of the conditions so so many factors that's on top of the heat that's on top of the humidity and still thousands of people each day pouring in and we've heard from the u.n. mr low cost we heard from a few moments ago a leading into he has said that they believe that possibly hundreds of thousands more could try to flee me and more and cross into bangladesh in the coming days and we. that this crisis may only worsen that everybody needs to be prepared to try and
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take this on as much as they can but right now even though there are so many aid workers here and so many organizations and the army is trying to help as much as they can everybody is saying that they don't have the resources they need and that's what makes this such a dire crisis and that's what makes it only worsen and that's why people are as worried as they are with mamma thank you very much for that that's mohamed joining us live from cox's thank you. we're going to move on to other news now in u.s. forecasters say tropical storm nate's become a hurricane as a bet on the gulf coast it's already bash in central america with at least twenty five people killed in flooding and landslides across costa rica nicaragua and el salvador david has more. naked eye what is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere tropical storm nate has just made it that much poorer three thousand homes destroyed communications cut the force of the storm ripped boats
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from the sea and left part holes large enough to consume cars. passengers on this bus were so panicked escape was the only thing on their minds and they pummeled central america with heavy rains during the week. the flood has taken away almost everything that all these people had in their home they had breakfast in the morning been not had lunch nor dinner because everything was taken away from them where waiting for any help that would be well received so many children are crying with hunger. in neighboring coast the storm left at least seven people dead and some five thousand people were forced to leave their homes the western province of one acoss they was the hardest hit schools across the country were closed for two days deaths were also reported farther north in honduras and el salvador. now neda's swing in north and picking up strength as it heads towards the u.s. gulf coast in preparation new orleans mayor declared
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a state of emergency. the current forecast indicate three to six inches of rain over the duration of the system which is going to be thirty six to forty eight hours and potential double that. although overall rainfall may not be as high as other tropical events short durations of rain as we can see can produce flooding we are particularly mindful in this regard for this particular storm of coastal flooding because of the potential storm surge for those areas of the city that are outside of the levee system. yet another deadly storm in the americas leaving a path of destruction in its wake david mercer al-jazeera. let's take a look at the storm's path of the central american coast on thursday. and el salvador that's now just off the coast of can code in mexico has gathered strength to become a hurricane forecasters expect it will make landfall in new orleans saturday or
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sunday. the u.s. vice president is trying to reassure people and puerto rico that they haven't been forgotten many of the island three point four million investments are still struggling to get basic necessities. and bringing relief. for you. know. we are. we need we need you we thank you. but many puerto ricans are worried about what will happen to their communities they point to residents being forced out of parts of new orleans and katrina as property developers moved in you have a ton singapore. the presence of the u.s. military under emergency contract this could be the convention of someone. and in
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the tourist districts yet still over two weeks since hurricane maria made landfall almost all for puerto rico is without potable water ninety percent without electricity. like many neighborhoods we visited no one we spoke to from the low income san juan neighborhood of kanu mountain penya seen any federal personnel helping to rebuild. eventually community leaders did ask the federal emergency management agency for topps to temporarily cover the eight hundred houses here without rubes but when a fraction of that amount was supplied so what the bribes are too small or too. long enough yeah. yeah yeah. penya has a well organized community infrastructure that's been recognized internationally most recently winning the un's world habitat award. after the hurricanes of one nine hundred twenty six and twenty eight and during the great depression the mangroves around the mountain penya channel was illegally squatted by those fleeing
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the impoverished countryside for san juan through robust community organization the twenty five thousand residents living here now legally own two hundred acres of this land but their suspicion that authorities will use the aftermath of maria and the increased risk of hurricanes and flooding as a result of climate change to get rid of this community all together. explains why this area is prized by developers who like the residents here have long been waiting for the promised dredging of the club channel intersecting it. all of san juan barry will become an ambitious tourism and economic development project that links the city basically. it's happened before this was once the low income neighborhood of tokyo and san juan situated near a waterway authorities ever to the residents claiming it wasn't feasible to live on a flood plain or whether the city then built expensive housing office blocks on the
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puerto rico coliseum on the same land evan says she will not let that happen to her community and can you. not want that to happen to us that's why we created the land trust to protect ourselves it's well documented that after hurricane katrina in new orleans developers swiftly moved into have a low income communities and replaced them with hotels and expensive water from the problems but the residents of can you say they're aware of the dangers of post hearkened relief and reconstruction and that they're ready she had her time see al-jazeera can you know martine ten. no space created to remember the fifty eight people shot dead by a gunman in las vegas. and flowers and messages the council says the site will become a permanent memorial cross and salome the polls. the city of las vegas now has a place where the victims of the october first shooting will be remembered permanently on monday just one day after the shooting landscapers felt the need for
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a community space somewhere people could come together. for a place where they could put up a temporary garden what they got was a plot of land for a permanent memorial and in just a few days about four hundred people have come forward to donate time or resources to. and many more have come to us. i think that most of us are here tonight because we're not willing to be fearful and we're going to continue to live our lives we are a community and we came together. people. and. in terms of. rumors about a fact and speculation in the investigation but they are asking if they had any
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facts or any information to. try. and it was stormy it's been windy since and when these socials the descriptive word i think for most of europe for the next few days if not weeks it's cool to after all now this is a cold front this brought with it therefore colder weather has been extended to france and spain and portugal where as you'll see the second it still is. of late summer but this cold air means that overnight precipitation over the outlets in the tirol will be of snow and eventually i think that of the balkan as well for the
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next couple of nights that leaves with a saturday of twelve degrees at best in berlin seventeen in london with the wind brisk westerly and rain not snow but there is of course still detention for snow in the cold air in the high ground down the balkans and this is green here this rain through bug area rumania twelve to post and also the rain down in greece and probably west and turkey will be a big change to the feel of things as of late i said going in that direction which means you got twenty seven sunny degrees in madrid portugal's doing just as well so talking about most of europe but not all of europe but that windy weather will spread done through the ija into the eastern side of the med bring a few showers with venture to cyprus and levant and windy weather to libya.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the u.n. is bracing for what it calls a further exodus of refugees from myanmar to bangladesh with up to one hundred thousand people waiting to cross the border off a million have already crossed since the end of. a military crackdown
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a state says it's fighting separatist groups and denies accusations of ethnic cleansing. us for cost us a tropical storm nate has become a hurricane as it bears down on the u.s. gulf coast it's already battered central america with at least twenty five people killed in flooding and landslides across costa rica nicaragua honduras and el salvador and the makeshift area where residents and laying flowers will be turned into a permanent memorial for fifty eight people shot dead by a gunman in las vegas on sunday police say they haven't yet established the motion of stephen paddock for carried out the attack. president has met community leaders in barcelona to discuss what to do after sunday's referendum the group includes lawyers academics and members of the boss along a football club long separatist leaders say they're planning to go ahead with secession despite a ban from the spanish central government prime minister monti
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a little whore has rejected any talks on the matter but madrid has apologized for the violent response by police during the secession vote health authorities say around mine hundred people were injured called pen hold reports from barcelona. i suppose. it was a little lukewarm i mean. the spanish government spokesman said he was sorry for the hundreds of catalan voters injured by national police and civil guard riot units but he said they were just following orders those orders to stop sunday's referendum from happening at all direct from madrid on this. and i said this very clearly before they were following an order they weren't order to avoid in a legal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were incidents and there were if people were injured evidently we are almost sorry other than those words there was no hint of madrid softening its stance on friday catalonia as
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police chief only weeks ago hailed a hero became the villain appearing in court in madrid major just stepped up arrow commander of the regional muscles disquieted a force was lauded for a swift response in august to the attacks in barcelona in madrid prosecutors accused him of sedition or inciting a rebellion for failing to quash support for catalan secession. the process session leaders of two of catalonia civic and grassroots organizations face the same charges prosecutors say the leaders revved up crowds around cattle and government offices on september the twentieth and the human blockade hampered raids by national and civil guard police under orders from government leaders in madrid. is that i invoke the right not to make a statement because i don't recognize this court's competence in relation to the crime we are accused of sedition because we are convinced we have not committed any
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kind of crime as the crisis lurches on there's a whiff of disarray among cattle and process session politicians some want to call a potentially historic parliamentary meeting for monday that debate could lead to a full blown declaration of independence others favor rescheduling it until tuesday and yet more sensing they may have overplayed their hand suggest catalonia may not yet be ready for independence at all call pennell al-jazeera barcelona spain. tens of thousands of people have paid their last respects to former iraqi president and kurdish leader. is laid to rest in his hometown and he died on tuesday. champion kurdish self before accepting the largely symbolic role of president in two thousand and three and his coffin was draped with the kurdish flag from time protests from supporting the iraqi central government. death comes
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a week after iraq's kurdish region wanted in favor of the session iraqi prime minister had to run a body has rejected the referendum and called on kurdish peshmerga forces to work with his troops to fight i saw. the reports from. the daily grind. military tactics against elusive enemies under the baking sun this training session is about detecting suspects and suspicious vehicles. make sure no one is wearing a suicide vest and the car is not rigged says the trainer a threat to soldiers here know all too well many of them were children at a time when just going to the market in this part of iraq near the border with syria could be a deadly trap there all sunni muslim arabs are proudly serving under the kurdish banner. we saw the kurds did and what the government the kurdish areas are
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safe there is no security in places like baghdad we prefer to be with them and i'd . say. there is a sense of newfound purpose and identity among the soldiers here. ever since the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three this area was taken by various armed groups including and i and the tribes here frustrated by the lack of support from the central government in baghdad had only one choice left just seek protection from the kurds. and. the man i career soldier still remembers when it was too dangerous for anyone in uniform to be on the streets he survived several attempts. i said yes to the referendum and yes to independence i used to say my country is iraq united. but after the central government ignored us and let iceland areas i changed
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my mind. the tribal leaders to kurdish president masoud barzani for help now they fully backed the referendum for secession. joining the kurds doesn't mean we forgo all arab roots but it's the kurds who represent the real. sectarian with baghdad we are less than even second class citizens. this border area was controlled by the iraqi government in baghdad up until two thousand and fourteen when the kurds ever arrived. prime minister threatening to retake control of similar areas but increasing numbers of sudanese are calling for further disapprobation. there is no other choice but the division of iraq each live in the area. unity is an illusion the arab countries there is no more this will put an end to sectarianism and we are aiming for a sunni autonomy. the kurdish referendum other minorities were never found their
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place in the iraq after. everything defamers of the baghdad government to be inclusive it's difficult to see how the iraqi flag will be raised here once again. robby are ignored in iraq. hundreds of people have held a rally to demand free and fair elections and said he is capital opposition leaders accuse the ruling party of tampering with voter lists before local elections next year the vote is seen as a test of leadership for president alexandrovitch just leadership he entered office earlier this year opposition parties are hoping to weaken his power and belgrade so don has welcomed the u.s. decision to lift some economic sanctions they were imposed and nine hundred ninety seven other allegations of support groups the u.s. says there's been improved human rights and progress on counterterrorism efforts and saddam the decision for sanctions relief began under the obama administration.
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the body of a missing u.s. soldier has been found two days after an ambush of a military patrol in the soldiers' one of four u.s. troops killed in an attack by suspected isolated fighters that happened two hundred kilometers north of the capital niamey u.s. and. leaving a meeting with tribal elders when they were fired on. campaigning ends on sunday ahead of elections in liberia to find a successor to president ellen johnson sirleaf and prize winner who's standing down after two terms the elections on tuesday will be the third since. there are twenty candidates including vice president. johnson sirleaf was africa's first female president when elected in two thousand and five but the dress reports from her critics say liberia is ready for change forms have become to. mount coffee hydroelectricity project it's already generating twenty two megawatts
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of electricity to the power grid. one of liberia's infrastructure success stories. the challenge now is to improve the distribution system to get the electricity to consumers. johnson is forced to use generators. to power his two food processing factories it would be a lot better because one electricity because a lot cheaper but also in terms of labor costs like the liberal liberal it's more efficient if you have electricity the government says it is invested in infrastructure but a lot more could have been done the more we are going to highway needs to the border with guinea the road open up dozens of towns and villages. of goods and services but many areas in other parts of liberia have waited for years was the last imho it seems like they will continue to wait even longer. of good roads.
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government to greece they were missed opportunities but a foundation for growth has been laid. the image of our country was restored and then before we can measure them of being the good works is done with restore an infrastructure in the service is in our country by her good legacy. and in the building of our country that was. before she came in but the president may also be remembered for promises she hasn't kept a few months ago she admitted to parliament but that government failed to keep corruption. and not just what many say as restricted to do more as president. she did not manage. expectations well. a lot. especially when it comes to fighting corruption so we have a very. senior government officials and their relationship been accused of stealing
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tax revenues and. only a few what jane. at the end of the elegance of you know it's only a few months away no one knows what lies ahead but liberians are already looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. now the small pacific island of a new way has created a massive marine sanctuary and its waters to stop all the fishing the remote island north of new zealand is only two hundred sixty square kilometers but in a new protection the insulin is five hundred times that size as of roughly the area of greece new a premier talk or tani's as this will help preserve the environment for future generations.
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so again all of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera and the un is bracing for what it calls a further exodus of a hanger refugees from myanmar to bangladesh with up to one hundred thousand people waiting to cross the border half a million one hundred have already crossed since the end of august to escape a military crackdown and back on stage myanmar says it's fighting separatist groups and analyze accusations of ethnic cleansing. this is not just the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world right now as of today it's also one of the most heart rending. so i met. an eleven year old quarry in the unicef therapeutic feeding center he was cradling in his arms he was severely acutely malnourished two and a half year old sister his mother the boy and the boy's four siblings set off on a journey lasting i think nine days fleeing violence and the burning of the village
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the mother died on the journey missile boy is now in sole charge of his four siblings. u.s. forecasters say a tropical storm they it has become a hurricane as it bears down on the u.s. gulf coast it's already battered central america with at least twenty five people killed in flooding and landslides across costa rica nicaragua on voters and el salvador. a makeshift area where residents are laying flowers will be turned into a permanent memorial for fifty eight people shot dead by a gunman in las vegas on sunday but he said they haven't yet established the motive of sixty four year old stephen paddick who carried out the attack catalonia is regional president has met community leaders in barcelona to discuss what to do after sunday's referendum the group includes lawyers academics and members of the barcelona football club catalan separatist leaders say they're planning to go ahead with the session despite a band from the spanish central government tens of thousands of people have paid
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their last respects to former iraqi president and kurdish leader. he was laid to rest in his hometown of selema near he died on tuesday taleban once championed kurdish self rule before accepting the largely symbolic role of president in two thousand and three. and side story is up next. on counting the cost us billionaire president donald trump wants the cop taxes but how will his plan impact ordinary americans just plain versus catalonia the economic implications plus comic given what's behind the collapse of australia's will tell you this counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the historic international nuclear deal with iran could collapse a key deadline is looming and all eyes are on the u.s. president donald trump who've never liked the accord can the agreement survive if washington gives it a thumbs down this is inside story.


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